Your accommodation while in Madrid is a very important part of the program, as you need to stay in a safe, comfortable, friendly and affordable environment. We can offer you differents kinds of accommodation with the best quality, perfect location and always carefully selected by SC. You can choose to live with a host family, in a shared apartment, in a student residence or in a hostel/hotel.

Host family

Living with a Spanish family is the best way to become familiar with the Spanish lifestyle, get to know Spanish customs and practise the language.

PRICES (half board - shared bathroom)

  • Double room (only friends or couples coming together): 179€/week. Extra night double room: 35€.
  • Single room: 209€/week. Extra night single room: 45€.

* Full board supplement: 35€ / week

Shared apartment

This is a good option if you are more independent. Student residence and hotel/hostels are only upon request.

Whatever option you choose, you won't have to worry about your accommodation in Madrid as we are pleased to take care of everything for you. Please ask us for a quote and we will happy to help you.

PRICES (no board - shared bathroom)

  • Double room (only friends and couples coming together): 140 €/week. Extra night double room: 35€.
  • Single room: 160€/week. Extra night single room: 45€.


We also offer a variety of useful extra services such as:

  • Mobile phone with a Spanish sim card.
  • Private transfers. Madrid airport transfer (one way): 75€ * (free airport transfer on long booking courses - 9 or more weeks)
  • Public transportation card.
  • Travel and medical insurance. Click and get your insurance in this link.

* This price will be shared for 2 o 3 students travelling together to the same adress